Welcome to "I

Welcome to "I totally made out with Angie" part 2.

That's right, it was round 2 of hardcore making out just a few months after the first round. This time, neither of us was crazy drunk and not knowing what we were doing, but it was also me that made it happen instead of just waiting for Angie to do it. The "wait it out" technique hasn't been working very well for me.

Anyway, it was after our whole wedding/going out/running out of gas night, and she drove me back to my place to drop me off. I made some comment about being a fake date, and she said something about it being a real date. I replied that it ain't a real date without a kiss at the end. That spawned the genius idea I had to not get out of the car until I got my good bye kiss. It didn't take a whole lot of poking and prodding (and the poking and prodding wasn't the physical kind [for the most part]), and we were making out a few seconds later. It was way better than the first time, mostly because it didn't catch me completely off-guard and partly because there wasn't anyone around watching and cheering to make it awkward.

And now we're back to pretending like it never happened. Granted, we haven't had much "alone" time since, and I definitely plan on bringing it up multiple times in the very near future, since I think it's totally awesome that we made out. But it's still just a bit odd that it's just like it never happened. Odd in a mostly good way, I guess. But the lines of "are we dating" are getting pretty blurry, especially if we make a habit of making out every time we go out together.

I go through stages of not wanting to date anyone, including Angie. Then I go through a stage of not particularly wanting to date anyone, but I would date Angie if the opportunity presented itself. Then I go through a stage of realizing Angie is a good catch and I'd be stupid to not try something if she has even the slightest bit of interest in me. Then I go back to the first stage. The whole cycle takes a few days from start to finish.

Anyway, I just thought that was a fun little story that I should report. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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