Well the end

Well, the end of my vacation weekend wasn't as eventful as the beginning was. Sunday Alan and I stopped by Mullens' wedding barbeque/gift opening thing, picked up his car, then dropped off his present as his house. Then he, Angie, and I went to see War of the Worlds. I liked it better than I've been liking the Spielberg nonsense he's put out lately, but I still had issues with the Tim Robbins sections and, as per usual with Spielberg crap, the ending.

Yesterday I went out and visited with my parents for a while, then went to Alan's for a very small barbeque with steak and other assorted yumminess I didn't partake in, due to the 6 previous days I completely ignored my diet and I was eager to get back on track. Later in the evening, Angie, Dave and I went to see the fireworks down by the river. I've only missed them a handful of times since I was born, but the most notable time I missed them was last year when I attended Mullens' engagement party instead. It was a happy event, at least for the most part.

Anyway, allow me to be ridiculously vague for a bit.

I did something really good for myself this weekend, although I'm going to hold off for a bit before announcing to the 8 people reading this what it was. Those who know me best can probably guess what it was... you've been giving me shit about it for long enough and telling me to get off my ass and get it done. Well, 6 or 7 months later, I got it done.

6 or 7 months of waiting and wondering and deciding how to handle things made me one confused kid, but I'm feeling a lot better about things now. Not just relief, although that's mixed in there. Elated, maybe? Or maybe I'll just stick with happy. And anxious. That's another good word.

Anyway, more details as they come and as I feel comfortable spreading them to the world.

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