Well here I

Well, here I am, back at work after another long weekend. But let's take it from when I left off. Wednesday I went to Hoops with Polk and Wolford and some other folks for some awesome pizza and good 'ole male bonding. I also had to pack and run my dog out to my parents' house where she'd be staying for the next few days.

I woke up bright and early on Thursday to make our way to Bloomington to catch a train. Alan was asleep when we went to get him, which made us miss our train, which meant I got to be the lucky driver. I've got pretty serious road rage, and when you mix in a case of me being pissed off that we missed our train, you have an unpleasant drive up to Chicago. We got up their early and wandered around and saw the sights, including this enormous mirror ball thingie.

There's more pics here for those interested. The Cubs game was okay, but I'm not a huge sports fan, so it didn't keep my interest too well. Afterwards we hit some bars and drank some beers, then went back to the hotel room for a little more drinking.

We left bright and early the next morning and got home just in time for me to install some replacement windows in my kitchen. The job was a breeze, so I went ahead and ordered 11 more windows to do the rest of my house.

Saturday I finished up the windows, then headed to Brian's Peoria wedding reception thing, where I got to see a lot of people I don't ever get to see. It was good catching up with everyone. I also squeezed in seeing part of a rugby game on Saturday. I went to bed early.

Yesterday I did a whole lot of sitting around and calling people trying to get out of my house. Eventually I headed to Angie's, and we just watched some TV and sat around.

Friday I head out to California. 2 weeks from today, VEGAS.


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