Well here's the

Well, here's the details on the exciting night I had last night.

I went immediately from work to Brice's place, to take care of his dog. Now, he's got a roommate, but he works kind of long hours, so I go and take her out after work and at around 10. Since I have to be at work by 9, I don't walk her in the morning, so I left a note for his roommate asking nicely if he could walk her before work. He replied with a snobby remark about how it wasn't his job to take care of the dog, and that's why Brice asked me to do it. Then he said to leave the dog in Brice's room and not let her roam around the house. I thought that was really cruel, since it's a big dog who needs her exercise, so I let her out in the house anyway. I'm cool like that.

Then I went back to my place, and my parents and little cousin Kirk stopped by. We watched The Matrix (Kirk's choice), and by that time I already had to go back to Brice's.

More behind the scenes work on hidethecam has been done, although I'm getting more and more hits per day, so I'm thinking maybe I need to do some REAL updates to it that people can see. Yesterday I got 89 hits, which is quite a few, considering the site has been up about 4 days and I haven't really promoted it at all. At the rate of new visitors I'm getting per day, I should be a .com millionaire by the end of the month.

No big plans for the evening... originally we were going to clean and set up for the party, but plans have been changed, and we will do that tomorrow sometime. Tonight the apartment will be mine, all mine. I'll probably watch a movie and work on my webpage and rest for tomorrow night, which will be nuts.

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