Well the holidays

Well, the holidays are over now, and I'm back at work. I do have a New Year's Eve party to plan and clean for, but other than that, I find myself not doing a whole lot much of the time. It's great now, for a bit of down time from too much stuff during the season, but I really need to start focusing on side projects. As much as I like my job now, I can't see myself working for a company forever until I retire. For some reason, I still see myself becoming successful and independently wealthy, despite that I'm not really doing anything right now that would get me there.

So, this week I'm going to start focusing on my new website since junkmachine is out of my hands. I'm also going to keep working on the comic that I started with Wolfie so many months ago, now 4 pages strong. Working for a company is fine, and I wouldn't be too put out if I did this my entire life. I just want more, and I think I have the capability to get it if I just actually worked for it a little harder. All it takes it a little talent, a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck. I did it with junkmachine and the Nintendo computer. I suspect I can do it once or twice more in my life, maybe hitting a huge jackpot one of those times, instead of just the minor one I hit before.

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