Well I'm less

Well, I'm less of a geek than I used to be. Remember that one time I went on live, national television for an interview? Well, the show that had me on has changed channels, formats, and now, changed names. It's not even the same show, and will be removed from my DVR list whenever I get the chance to delete it. It's a sad day.

Sadder though, is the state of my former geek webpage, junkmachine.com. I spent years working on that thing. The page was plugged on television, radio, and in magazines. I got bored with it and sold it to a guy who promised to take good care of her. He didn't. The site was hacked (a weekly event when I was in charge, but nothing too horrible), and has now been deleted. More than 50,000 posts, 1,000 users, all gone forever. All that work. Gone.

I'm not that sad, I guess. Junkmachine had served its purpose... Made me some cash, got me a free vacation, got me about 45 seconds of fame. Its sad to see it completely gone forever, but in a way, its also a relief.

horrorjunk is also not exactly living up to expectations, mostly because I'm already bored and frustrated with it. I don't know what will happen to that site... probably not much. I need to focus on something with my art. Anyone can make a webpage... not everyone is an artist.

But anyway, since a big part of my geekdom died last night, I spent the remainder of the night reading a book on PHP programming (fascinating!) and listening to old school albums I downloaded off allofmp3.com. Oh yeah, I also jogged 3 miles yesterday. 3 miles! Pretend to be impressed, even if you're not. Thanks.

Brandon and Polk, are we on for tomorrow even though its Good Friday? Will places be open?

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