Well I'm a

Well, I'm a homeowner now.

I bought a house. For you Peoria-ites, it's 304 E. Forrest Hill, so it's 3 blocks up fron Knoxville, towards Prospect. It's a nice part of town, and the house is big and awesome. I'll post pictures soon. I have a 2 stall garage, 3 levels, fenced back yard, and all for cheaper than the rent I pay now. The closing date is April 1st, so I have a bit of time left in this apartment, especially since I may even stay here another month or so while finishing up some stuff on my new house.

Besides buying a house, me and Jaimee ate at my sister's house and played Uno, and me and Alan saw Final Destination 2. Me and Jaimee saw Darkness Falls. Me, Jaimee, Alan, and Angie ate at Avanti's. Alan, Jaimee and I went driving around looking for houses for him. But not in that order.

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