Well it's been

Well, it's been an exciting few days, I'll tell you what. Thursday after work some people from work headed down to Old Chicago for some beers and pizza. Never one to turn down an invitation like that, I tagged along and ended up staying out way too late. I ended up going to Kelleher's with a couple of guys who don't even work at my company. Still, it was a fun night. I went home, invited Alan over and promptly passed out on my couch as he watched Alien vs. Predator.

I slept about 14 hours, then made the trip to renew my registration. I hate buying that stupid sticker for $80. I headed home, put my pajamas back on and started an all-day movie marathon. Angie joined in my festivities for 3 movies, and I watched 6 before falling asleep on my couch. Kind of a silly way to spend my vacation day, but it really did help charge my batteries and get me movin'. Today will be more productive.

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