Well last night

Well, last night pretty much ruled. It was back to Kouris for the first time in several months with Polk, The Brandon, Kristi, and Jess. We saw Jen and Mel and Mr. Conley and all was well with the world. It was nice to be outside, back at the restaurant that started the tradition, and to eat whatever the hell I wanted.

I came home and Emily and another Kristi were outside playing a yard game of some sort. I joined them for a few beers and a few rounds of Washers, then left pretty much when Alan got home. I needed my sleep for the big Saturday I had planned.

And man, was it a big Saturday. It started off down at the river with Angie where we ran a few miles. Then I put the top down and took the doors off my Jeep and went out to my parents house for about 4 hours of yard work, where I managed to tear my legs up pretty good on some sticker bushes in their woods. It was a lot of hauling and carrying trees stumps and whatnot. Fun stuff.

I get home and Alan is ripping out his front bushes, so I helped with that. I was exhausted by the end of it, since I'd been moving non-stop since I woke up at about 7:15. But I was a trooper and stuck it out while everyone played Snake Golf and drank beer and ate Papa Johns pizza. And somehow, I managed to stick to my Propel and my Lean Cuisine pizza. I'll tell ya, sometimes I'm a pillar of self control. And sometimes, I'm definitely not.

And if that wasn't already enough of a fun and productive day, I managed to get comments working on my moblog over at tim.cx. It still needs some tweaking and rearranging, but the functionality is there. Well, except the time-stamping. I'm having issues with that.

Oh, and I got a sun burn. Which is always fun.

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