Well since one

Well, since one of you insisted that I update my journal over the weekend, I now have nothing to post. So, taking a cue from one of this girl, I am playing 20 questions. Here we go.

1- What's the last movie you saw?

"The Way of the Gun". It was okay. I like movies with a lot of violence and not a lot of plot.

2- When is the last time you hurt yourself?

I'm such an idiot. You know those little plastic table looking things that put in pizza when they're delivered to stop the box from smashing it? I was lighting one of those on fire for some reason, and a piece of flaming plastic dropped onto my hand it burned it. I'm such an idiot. I should stop lighting things on fire.

3- When is the last time you hurt someone else?

I was wrestling with Steph and bruised her arm. I still haven't heard the last of that one. I was involved in bruising another girl's arm, but being as I wasn't there, I don't hold myself accountable. You know who you are.

4- What are you most proud of?

My self-sufficiency, if that's a word.

5- How many children do you want to have?

2... one of each.

6- In what way are you warped?

None. I'm perfect.

7- What do you refuse to admit to someone, face to face?

The hardest thing for me to admit is if I liked them. I'm like a grade schooler in that sense. Anything else I'll just come right out and say.

8- If you were on Three's Company, who would you be?

John Ritter of course. The only guy.

9- What's your favorite life saver flavor?


10- Did you ever have a favorite Spice Girl?

They all sucked, but Posh was the hottest.

11- Have you ever done a strip tease?

Nope. I've watched a few though.

12- What's harder for you--giving your heart, or baring your ass?

Giving my heart. I show my ass whenever possible.

13- Have you ever used a magnifying glass to set ants on fire?

Hell yes. And leaves, too. I was a stupid little kid.

14- Have you ever taken a pregnancy test?

Yeah. I'm pregnant.

15- Fudge--with nuts or without?

Without. I'm not going to make any nut jokes either.

16- In bed, are you a moaner, a groaner, a screamer, a quiet but moving force, or a "dead fish?"

uh... none of them I guess.

17- What 3 words do you think outsiders would use to describe you?

Why don't some of you outsiders tell me?

18- When is the last time you dressed up even though you weren't going anywhere?

I don't think I've dressed up at all since high school. I enjoy looking like shit.

19- What scares you?

Stuff. And things.

20- What's the last "handyman" stuff you've done?

I tried to fix my phone jacks. It didn't work. I fixed one of my kitchen chairs. That's about it.

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