Well Operation Valentine's

Well, Operation Valentine's Day has gone pretty well so far. I got the first round of flowers into Angie's house without her noticing, with a card from her dog that was fairly clever, but I once again pussied out, opting not to go for the "we should date" talk. I figured I would save it for the card that was supposed to be from me.

So I got a call at work thanking me for them. She didn't mention round 2 of the flowers, so I assumed she didn't get them yet. A few hours later she called back while I was in the restroom, so I didn't talk to her, but Vicki said she seemed really excited.

She called me after work, thanking me for the new boquet and telling me I made her year and other nice things that semi-sappy guys like to hear. I went by her house to let her dog out and I left a card for her to get when she gets home. I again pussied out by not leaving anything sappy or implying I wanted a relationship.

And here's why I didn't.

On Sunday we went out to lunch. All was well until I was about to drop her off. I told her I had an important question to ask her. It was just going to be an innocent "would you be my Valentine?", but she replied with something like "Well, if it's an easy question you can ask. If its a hard one, I'd rather you ask later." I told her nevermind.

So what the hell was that? I know she's been having a difficult time lately, and her time is spent at work, then going to her grandparent's house to take care of both of them, neither of which is in particularly good health. So she's got a lot on her mind and a lot on her plate. I'm assuming that was why she didn't want to talk about it. But still, it's a conversation I've had in my head a dozen times or so, and you'd think she would have done the same. You'd think she'd feel relieved thinking I wanted to talk about it, so she'd have 1 less thing to worry about. But no. Or maybe I'm thinking like a boy and she's a girl. I hate this shit... it feels like high school.

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