Well we had

Well, we had our first open house this weekend in an effort to sell my house. Turn out was disappointing, at best. My best lead to buy the house didn't show like she promised she would, which was frustrating.

I tried to withdraw $40 the other day, only to discover I didn't have $40 to withdraw. I mean, I did in my savings but I'm totally cashed out (pun intended) otherwise. I'd hoped to not dip into my savings, then when this house mess is dealt with I'd be able to buy myself a little toy (that starts with 'i' and ends with 'Phone'). Unfortunately I guess that's not an option.

So I'm tightening up the belt even more. Truth be told, I haven't made many sacrifices in my life to be able to pay 2 sets of bills every month, but those days are coming to a close. It'd be nice if I had a kitchen so I could start cooking meals, but I'm stuck with making things that can be prepared exclusively in a microwave.

I'm really not trying to mope, but it really kind of sucks when you try to withdraw a pretty small amount of cash and get hit with an "insufficient funds" screen. This house stuff has really introduced a lot of stress into my otherwise stress free life, and I'm not a fan.

Anyway, other than that bastard ATM telling me I'm broke, I had a really great weekend. Pretty laid back, pretty inexpensive, pretty productive.

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