Well work has

Well, work has actually given me some work to do today. Will wonders never cease?

With a job to do, I don't have as much time to do that oh-so-important stuff, like updating my journal and whatnot. I know... I should prioritize.

I ended up going home at noon yesterday. I had to clean up the puke on my carpet. It was absolutely disgusting. I followed the directions on this carpet cleaner stuff and I think I ruined my carpet in the process. The puke is now gone, but the spot it was on is now a lot lighter than the rest of the carpet. I was down on my hands and knees with this little brush trying to get all the "granules" or whatever out of there, and I managed to get it kind of close to the original color of the carpet. You can still see it if you look closely.

A couple of friends brought me dinner, and a movie. We watched it and they left about 9. I fell asleep almost immediately afterwards. It was a long, eventful Monday night, remember? I was tired as a skunk's ass.

At about 10 a party started the floor above me. I tried to sleep through it, but alas, I couldn't. So I slept in my game room until about 1, then went back to bed. Then at 1:15 the party started again, so I left again. At 3:30, I went back, again, and at 3:45 they started yelling and running around upstairs, which, by all accounts is way more annoying than music. Luckily by 3:45 I was tired enough to ignore it and I passed out anyway. I actually slept until like 7:04 this morning. That means my alarm was going off for 4 minutes before I woke up. That NEVER happens. I almost always wake up about 6:58. I have a really good internal clock, I'm told.

So, that was my night. For those of you keeping track, tonight is Wednesday, and you know what that mean....

Buffalo wings and beer. Mmm mmm mmm.

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