Went to Hoops

Went to Hoops last night in Wednesday fashion. I drank water all night, along with Alan. Both Alan and I have agreed that there is no way we could stick to this diet without a little support. It's rough, man, especially when watching Angie and Brynn eat the pizza I know and love with all my heart. In an act of cruelty, Angie and Brynn took the seats with their back to the kitchen, leaving me and Alan to watch them make pizzas and nachos all night long. It took a lot of will power to keep drinking water and keep not eating pizza.

I did cheat this morning, though, and weighed myself. 190. Which means I've lost 4 pounds since this thing began, which isn't bad. Especially when you consider that I haven't starved myself... on the contrary, I've been eating much more healthy. Veggies and fruits have replaced my usual snacks of... nothing. Anyway, enough about my shitty diet.

So we were sitting there when a guy, drunk off his ass with long, stringy hair comes walking up to me. He points at me and sticks his hand out to shake mine. I comply, and he says "You're Tim Wasson". I was a bit surprised. I know I'm a local celebrity and all (or not), but still. He finished with "I knew I knew you, man. I knew it". I had absolutely no idea who this guy was. He didn't even look vaguely familiar. Finally I had to break down and ask who he was. Turned out it was Mike Rutz, who I went to high school with. He's really, really, really changed. Every once in a while, I caught of glimpse of the Mike Rutz I knew, but for the most part, he looks like a different guy. I only have a few memories of him from high school. 1 was in Ms. Scharle's class, where Mike and I were right next to each other in the front row. At one point in class, Ms. Scharle just shoved her hand down the front of her dress and left it there for about a minute. No one else in the class seemed to notice or care, but me and Rutz were cracking up. As a punishment, she sent us to the back row where we could be even more disruptive.

Freshmen year, I only knew 2 other people at my school, so I was a bit timid and scared. Mike showed me how to master the hallways, and explained to me how it worked like a highway. Then he showed me what would happen if you disobeyed the rules by running headlong into a huge group of upper classmen, knocking down 5 or 6 of them before running away laughing. The rest of the Mike Rutz memories I have involve him finding ingenious ways to smoke dope during school. Once he used a pen cap as a hitter. Crazy guy, but really nice and really funny.

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