Went out hardcore

Went out hardcore like a rock star to celebrate Mullens' return to the good 'ole US of A last night. It was a good time, and over the course of about 6 drinkin' hours, I managed to spend roughly $3. People were buying drinks and passing them around, and I drank. And I drank. And man, was I drinkin'.

We were at Jimmy's until it closed, then headed to Richard's until it was almost closed. I gave piggy back rides and dry humped many legs. Fabish was there, and it's always good to see the lad. Wolford was there, and it's always good to see that lad, too. Everyone who hasn't seen me in a few months said I look like some sort of mountain man or homeless man, due to the crazy hair and awesome beard. I took those as compliments.

Starting last night, Alan is my room mate again.

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