Went to see

Went to see Garden State last night, peeing no less than twice through the event and holding in the third occurance until after the movie ended. The movie was good in moments, funny in others, cliche in yet other, and tried really hard to be quirky in the leftover places. Overall I was pleased, but I guess I was expecting too much looking too forward to it, because I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

I was supposed to go to Hoops, but I've been feeling progressively sicker lately so I skipped it. Today my throat is very sore and kind of I'm kind of stuffy headed. I'm going on vacation tonight. So that kind of sucks. If I can maintain this feeling all day, I'll still probably go. If I get worse through the day, I'll probably stay home. I'm whiney and grouchy when I'm sick, and I don't want to make other people not have fun because I'm complaining about them being too loud or something.

I hope the sore throat goes away soon.

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