What a damn

What a damn weekend, right?

Friday night I worked until 7:00, then called up pretty much everyone I know in an effort to find someone to eat pizza with me. No one was home or everyone had eaten. I went home, sad and hungry, and looked for something to eat. Then I saw Polk's post that he was home early, so I gave him a ring and made plans to meet at Nick and Willy's.

By the time we got there, it was closed. In the meantime, I had called The Brandon, so we waited for the whole crew before heading to Donnely's, our usual hangout.

Later in the evening we went to Richards, where beers were consumed and drama was abound (yes, ABOUND!), and I stayed out late considering how old I am.

I woke up early the next morning, since it was Saturday (AKA- Home Improvement Day), and Jaimee and I started taking everything out of the basement and putting it in the back yard. After that, it was a quick trip to Big Lots to pick up some supplies to finish the daunting task in front of us. That included scraping the cleaning the floors and walls, priming the walls, mopping the floor, and painting everything in the basement and bring it back to shiny, bright, and new life. I think I had more fun with it than Jaimee did.

Anyway, there were some delays and, due partially to the weather not cooperating, this 1 day project will turn into a several day affair as we wait for paint to dry.

Sunday was yard work day, and while Jaimee and my mom raked and pulled weeds, my dad and I cut down several trees and dozens of bushes using an undersized hand saw and clippers. That was a big project, and our yard is really shaping up nicely. Once the weather is warm for a few days at a time, I'll plant more seed and have all grass for the first time since I've lived there. It'll look awesome.

Speaking of the weather (from 2 paragraphs back), I'm getting pretty sick and tired of this bullshit warm/cold stuff. I can deal with cold. That's fine. But damn it, don't get warm then immediately cold again! What the hell? Sunday was all warm and nice and I even broke a sweat while tending to the lawn, then today I'm back to my leather coat and using my heater in the car? Fuck this noise.

I can't stop thinking about my job prospect. It's probably unhealthy.

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