what did i do last night?

I know, I forgot to answer that.

Okay, I went home, grabbed my portfolio, made a few phone calls, then left to get my parent's Christmas gift. I'm getting a piece of my artwork framed for them, which was a lot more expensive than I expected it to be. Ah, but such is life.

I went back to my place and wasted some time before my friends came and picked me up. Steph and Molly, who I never see these days, were picking me up, and we were going to go to Goodwill, then out to eat and to Walmart. Well, by the time we got done eating it was 9:15. I had to drive Brice to work at 9, so I figured I should skip the Walmart run and take him in.

I run over to Brice's, only to find him asleep. I stood around, waiting for him to get ready, then took him to work and went back home. I checked my email, then took a bath, which is something I haven't done in so, so long. Baths are girly, I know, but they're also very relaxing and comfortable, and a something I don't get to treat myself to very often.

Tonight I'm heading back to my parent's house. I have to do a little more work on my car, then we're eating dinner. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow, so we'll be celebrating that tonight. Pretty exciting, no?

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