What an exciting

What an exciting Saturday night, I tell you what. The night was spent at my sister's, celebrating my nephew's third birthday. He has a habit of always crying whenever " Happy Birthday" is sung to anyone. We've figured out that its because he wants to be the only one singing. I suspect Sarah and Robert talked to him about it, since at the end of the song tonight he screamed "I didn't cry!" He was proud of himself. Later he stood on a chair and yelled "I'm an owl! Hoo hoo!" and flapped his arms. That kid is too friggin' cute.

I may or may not be going to Jimmy's in a couple of minutes. That's right. It's minutes away and I haven't made my mind up. Livin' on the edge.

Yesterday was dinner with everyone, with Angie making her first appearance at a Friday night dinner. Later we went to a hockey game where we managed to sit through half of it before getting bored and going home.

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