What an exciting

What an exciting week. I've been putting in more and more time at the gallery. I don't want to, and I don't particularly care if the jobs due get finished on time or not. I go because the people I work with will freak out if I don't, and I stay longer because I really need the cash. And speaking of cash, I've suddenly gotten the urge that I'm not quite pathetic enough, so I'm going to take the last step into patheticness and try to collect unemployment. It's time to face the facts that I am no longer a freelancer. I haven't had any freelance jobs for a long ass time, unless you count the ones I do and don't get paid for. Basically I get my money from the gallery, selling shit on eBay, and my dad. Collecting unemployment will just get me in the mindset that I need to really focus in on getting a full time job that applies to my major and incorporates my artistic talent, since I've wasted that enough as it is. I do feel a bit bad for trying to get free government money, but I have rent to pay and I'm sick of begging my dad. Things just suck financially, and I need a bit of help getting back into a stable, good place. So there's that.

Jaimee's car had some issues that needed to be resolved, so my dad and I spent the weekend taking her engine apart, replacing the water pump, and putting it back together again. It reminds me of pretty much every single car I've ever owned, until the Camaro. Wait until something breaks, then spend a few days fixing it, then wait until something else breaks. Eventually you will have replaced everything in the car and it'll run forever. At least that's what happened with the Bluick.

Turkey Day was good times. Jaimee came out to my family get together with my dad's side of the family. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with my mom's side, but I'm glad we broke that tradition. Unfortunately, that means Christmas will probably be with them. And that will be no fun. Turkey Day did slow down the 'ole diet, I'm afraid, and I haven't really checked the scale in a few days. I don't plan on checking it until I'm confident that I'm REALLY close to 200. My ego can't take it at this point.

I was really looking forward to the Saved by the Bell True Hollywood Story, but I was really let down. No real scandals or anything I didn't know, really.

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