What a great freaking weekend.

So, yesterday was happy hour night for me and Fabish. We went to Sullivans and got free food and cheap beer. Then it was on to Oktoberfest.

It was $5 admission. That sucked. But, we paid, figuring we'd get a pass for a free beer or something like that, but all we got was a map. After walking around for a couple minutes, we felt really ripped off. We were kind of early, but there was nothing at all going on. So, we finally found a beer tent and got some tickets for beer, complaining the entire time. The ladies working the beer tap talked to us, and we kept complaining that we had just paid $9 for 1 beer. They offered us a free refill, so we stopped complaining. Little did we know that our free refill woudl turn into about 4 free refills, plus a couple of tickets for free beer they were given for volunteering. And if that wasn't enough good fortune for the night, Fabish found $21 worth of beer tickets just lying on the ground.

We even saw Polk and crew there, so we shared some of the wealth that we knew we were going to use. We left kind of early and I hung out at Fabish's for a couple hours before heading home.

And if that didn't already make for a good night, Fabish told me that I would be in his wedding party. I'm probably not the best man, unfortunately, but I was kind of worried I wasn't even going to be in the party. I mean, the wedding is in a couple months and I hadn't been asked yet. But, I was asked, and now I'm relieved.

Super Mario Brothers 3 is the greatest game ever made.

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