What great friends

What great friends I have.

I came home from my birthday thing at my sister's house to find a gallon of orange juice in the refridgerator and a bottle of DayQuil next to a birthday cake that said "Happy 23rd + 1 birthday" on it on my dining room table. I suspect it was the work of Angie and Mullens, although Fabish could have also played a role. Anyway, it was very, very nice. I popped in Resident Evil and was asleep on my couch by 9. I woke up around 11 to make the long trek up to my bedroom, where I slept until 10 this morning. Today, I feel about 90% what I usually do. My sore throat is gone, praise the Lord, but the headache and stuffiness remains. We'll see if I recover enough to make it to this photo party I hear so much about. The promise of seeing may get my ass there, as well as the potential to have my picture posted in several journals throughout the world. Or at least throughout the Peoria area.

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