What a lame

What a lame weekend I had.

Friday I was supposed to go bowling with Steph and Molly, then to see Jurassic Park 3. Plans were changed blah blah blah, so we ended up doing nothing, and I went to bed early.

Saturday, since plans had been changed, we were supposed to go to see Jurassic Park 3, and go bowling. Well, plans changed again, and we ended up doing nothing. Steph came over and wanted to watch a movie. This really annoyed me.

So, we're going through my movies trying to find one to watch. She keeps suggesting some of Alan's movies that I've seen, and have absolutely no interest in ever seeing again. Finally Alan and Steph pull a "sorry, you're outnumbered" on me, and start watching "The Whole Nine Yards". I don't think I'm being selfish or greedy or immature at all when I say that I didn't appreciate their democracy to put themselves in charge of my TV, DVD player, and stereo. I didn't even want to be at the apartment at the time... I wanted to be at Jurassic Park 3 or bowling. So, I let them watch their movie, and I went into my bedroom and played on my computer. Later Steph told me I was being an asshole. Ah well, such is life.

Sunday we were supposed to go see Jurassic Park 3, but instead Steph went to Molly's to go swimming. So, after lunch with my parents, me, Alan, and Fabish went to see it. It wasn't as good as part 1, but way better than part 2. It was just a stupid action movie with lots of dinosaurs who fight each other and kill people. Fun stuff. Don't go in expecting to be enlightened or anything... just go in expecting to watch a stupid action movie, and you'll enjoy it.

The rest of the day was spent dicking around and doing nothing in particular. I'm spending a lot of time redoing www.timwasson.com to make it less of a "how drunk can Tim get" page, and more of a "here's why you should hire Tim" page. They're pretty different.

Anyhoo, I woke up today, not tired for the first time in a long time. I didn't dread going to work today. I didn't mind the car ride in. Is my slump ending? Or is this the calm before the storm? Or am I just anticipating not working here anymore, come tomorrow?

My dad gave me a $1500 loan to get a new computer for my art stuff. That was appreciated, but now I have to worry about paying him back. That will be the hard part.

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