What a productive

What a productive weekend.

I did a bunch of work on junkmachine, both behind the scenes and in front of the scenes. That was a whole lot of fun, only not. But the good stuff actually happened over on my new venture, tim.cx. I managed to get a sweet photo script working, where all I have to do is drop a directory full of JPGs into my account and the script resizes, links, and seperates into galleries all by itself. I also managed to embed my LJ into the site, making it sort of match the appearance. I trid giving my textamerica moblog the same treatment and fell short before deciding to just host the moblog myself. So I got a moblog script working, which kicks ass except I lose the 120 or so on my textamerica account. Anyway, it's kind of fun and nerdy stuff that I enjoy. You should check it out.

So, other than that, I worked on Optimus, and worked out a lot, and hung out 1 night with Alan. It was a nice, laid back kinda weekend.

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