When did they

When did they update the update journal page? I'm so confused I hardly know where to type. The world is upside down.

So anyway, today after work I went to Polks to hang out with my boyz, only to have Dayv totally ditch us, like a chode. Dayv, c'mon, what the fizz?

While there, I got a phone call from Amy for me to go eat bratwurst, so I went and ate some brats and talked with the Fabishes for a while before heading home. An exciting night, I know.

A few things of note: I bought the shittiest MP3 player in the world, and it rocks my socks. I guess that's what happens when you have such low expectations... anything is good. So the player sucks but it rocks to me. Also, I went ahead and registered another domain, because... well... I'm kind of addicted to it. But this is a cool one, home of my upcoming personal site. Ready? tim.cx. Yeah, I'm totally a nerd, but that domain is so cool that everyone is jealous of it. Admit it, jealous one. It rocks.

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