When is it gonna stop?

Today Dain came by and took me to lunch and to discuss the project I'm doing for him and Iona. I'm going to charge him more than I thought originally, because of all these change orders. It's making the project much, much longer than it should be.

Tomorrow I should have a few more jobs tied up and in the bag, but my work day will be interrupted by my meeting with Jackie, who is going to set me up with a business and merchant account for my "business". Strange that in a matter of months I will have my own business, but kind of exciting, too. I also meet with my insurance guy for some reason or other... don't ask why yet, but I'm sure I'll give you the full report when I figure it out myself.

Next week I have to paint my sister's nursery and FINALLY start working on this business of mine. That's the plan, at least.

In my off time, I go to the couch and fall asleep. It's an exciting life.

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