A white Thanksgiving?

A white Thanksgiving? Whodathunkit?

The blizzard started while I was at work, prompting most everyone in my building to leave early. As the only one in my department left, I was forced to finish the last part of the day all by my lonesome. During that time, I kept getting calls from various co-workers and friends, telling me which streets I should avoid on my way home. Eventually pretty much every route home was deemed undrivable, and I braced myself for a long-ass ride home. I slapped the Jeep into 4 wheel drive and made my escape, which didn't take long. My theory is that everyone went home early, so the traffic was fine for me. Suckers!

And of course, last night was supposed to be the party night of the entire year. I think the weather put a stop to that, since there was virtually no one out. I hung out with Alan, Angie, Brynn, Nate, and some girl who I think her name was Jesse. I assume that's short for Jessica, otherwise it's a weird name for a girl.

Today is the regular family stuff.

Winnie is in trouble because she peed on my chair. Her punishment will last a week. Its a nice chair.

Fact: I trim my fingernails almost every day. Not because I'm vain and they need maintenance, but because I'll chew on them constantly and bite them off otherwise. Trimming them is easier than fixing a bad habit.

Memory: When Christine broke Fabish's heart and Mullens and I took him to Big Al's to help fix it. Mullens and I dropped almost $200 each, and had so much fun my brain can't comprehend it. A gay guy bought us drinks and we closed the joint close to 5 am. Angie had been waiting about 45 minutes for us to leave so she could drive us home. She wasn't happy about it.

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