Why are they

Why are they doing this? Why?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is being remade. With Jessica Biehl. Produced by Michael "Pearl Harbor" Bay. Taken directly out of Premiere magazine:

"Will this movie be grimy and gritty like the first one? No, they did that already."

"People want to see that chainsaw taking it's toll."

No! No! No! You've got it all wrong, Michael "stupid ass" Bay! Horror movies should be gritty and grimy and, yes, SCARY. Horror movies should not be clean, polished, "hot young hollywood" type "I know what you did last summer" bullshit.

Why does everyone think Texas Chainsaw Massacre was full of blood? There was hardly any blood at all. Hardly any gore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone died on screen. People don't need to see a "chainsaw taking it's toll" to enjoy a scary movie. I doubt anyone involved with the project has even seen the first one. And if they had, why would they remake it? It's already perfect. I can only hope this will be like the color version of Psycho, which people will only see out of curiousity, then trash afterwards, to encourage people not to touch the classics.

In the picture, there's a sweaty Jessica Biehl with her shirt pulled up, exposing her belly. She's surrounded by sweaty, good looking guys with big muscles and some other girl with a low cut dress who looks a little fimilar. Where's Franklin, the fat kid in a wheelchair? Why? Why? Why?

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