Why does this

Why does this annoy me so much?

I hate it when people come over and fall asleep on my couch. I HATE it with a passion. It pisses me off more than anything. I can't exactly understand why, but it does. It always happens a lot.

Anyway... an addition to the problems on Monday night... I got home last night and did some cleaning up. There were empty soda cans and pizza boxes scattered about from my friends the night before. I picked all those up and threw them away. No big deal, not a problem. Then I take the plastic sack out of my trash can to take to the dumpster and I smell this nasty ass horrible smell. I look down and there's a big pool of Ranch dressing at the bottom of my trash can. Now, I don't eat or buy ranch dressing, so one of my friends had to take it there, open the package (a plastic bag from a fast food place I think), then just throw it away, mostly full, in my trash can without a bag. Then, realizing he was an asshole for doing so, covered it up by then inserting a plastic bag into my can. Bloody savages. I don't know if any of you have smelled day old ranch dressing from the bottom of a trash can, but it's not pleasant. I had to clean it out with a sponge and dish soap. It was gross.

Last night one of my more "messy" friends came over. I quoted "messy", only because he's not and everyone believes he is. Sure, his apartment is cluttered, but cluttered is not messy. Messes bother me, clutter doesn't. Sure, he left beer bottles on my counter and dirty dishes in my sink. That's no big deal. He didn't preheat my oven to 550 degrees for no reason or spill ranch dressing into my trash can. He also didn't wipe shit on my couches and phone. He asked to use my phone before he used it. He'll be invited over more often.

He did fall asleep on my couch though, which was annoying. He works third shift, so at 9 I woke him up. He called me an asshole and went back to sleep. At 9:30 I woke him up again, at which point he got mad at me for not waking him up earlier. That was annoying.

Tonight, hopefully, will be $3/lb. wing night at Garner's. We will not eat at my place because my visitors have been annoying me lately.

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