Why I'm such a huge dork.

Here was my day yesterday.

I spent the usual 9 hours here at work, sitting in front of my computer, doing nothing in particular while trying to waste time. I read a few more questions of the best web page in the world, The Straight Dope, downloaded some songs off Napster (the entire 2 disk Tommy album), and whatever else I could do to not work.

After work I had to go buy a new computer for my apartment. But, it was Tuesday, which is also the day I have to go help my aunt with her computer. So, I set up some stuff for her and showed her how to use it, then went back to my place to set up my own computer.

This is where it becomes very obvious what a huge nerd I am. Before I even plugged the computer in, I had taken it apart to install some RAM, a HD, and a video card out of my old computer. I did all that before I even started the computer up.

Well, all is well in computer land for me. Sort of. I need a new sound card, wireless keyboard, and a few other cheap parts to make my system ideal. Not too shabby for a cheap piece of junk computer.

So that was my day. Tonight is Wednesday, so I will be eating at Garner's. I just will.

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