For the past couple years, I've kind of shunned my multimedia roots in favor of web-based stuff. I've read articles and reports and books on PHP, mySQL, CSS, and AJAX. I've focused on making as good as it can be, as well as many of the other sites I have a hand in. Lately, I've become pretty passionate about web-based stuff in a way I haven't before. I enjoy it, and I feel like I'm definitely in the right career.

Last night I joined the web committee for an "anniversary" happy hour, celebrating 1 year of our corporate website being online. During the dinner, the VP of sales announced that our site won "Best in Show", an award granted by a firm that reviews marketing materials for insurance and financial based sites.

Wow. It was great to hear some validation from people whose job it is to review websites and rank them. They looked at our site and liked it enough to give us an award for it. And not just any award... a "Best of Show" award. It felt great.

Anyway, the best is yet to come for our humble corporate site, as I pound away at converting it from it's current table-based layout to a semantically correct CSS based layout, among other very important changes. The award has motivated me even further to finish the source of and distribute it to the world. Tonight I plan on tweaking the rest of the appearance, getting the source set up to distribute, and putting it up for download. With the rest of my time, I'm going to try to create an LJ importer to bundle with it. Phew. That would be super-sweet.

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