Is winter done

Is winter done with us now? After a few absolutely gorgeous days, the wind picked up and brought with it an awesomely fun hail storm and torrents of rain. The whole office building was creeped out by the hail hitting our huge sunlight that covers the entire top of the building and shines through the top 2 floors. Everyone ran downstairs and kind of overwhelmed us in the Graphics department. Still, it was an interesting experience.

So afterwards I made the trip to Brimfield to retrieve my sister's mail while she's on vacation. Driving in bad weather is so awesome to me. By this time, the hail had gone far, far away, leaving only small piles of ice here and there. On those country roads, you could see the storm front, where the blue sky met the black clouds. It was awesome. I even spotted a rainbow. Beautiful.

I took care of my parents' cat and then headed to Hoops with Angie and Mullens.

In  more weather news, it looks like we're gonna be sitting at around 60 for the next few days. I try to enjoy winter, but I'm always excited when it starts getting warmer. I'm also excited to put the canvas doors on my Jeep. I'm sick of metal doors.

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