Winter Weight

It's no secret that my weight kind of flip-flops constantly. Towards the end of the summer I border on too skinny, and towards the end of winter I'm almost in the "overweight" category. 30 pounds in about my standard gain.

Well this year I'm excited to  announce I only gained about 20. I'm still wearing my skinny pants and I'm still on the tightest hole on my belts, although I admit that's mostly just pride and I'd be more comfortable letting it out a notch. But I refuse.

With the beautiful weekend we had and the change of weather, it's time for me to get back out there, get active, and drop this weight. Again.

Money saving tip of the year: No more bottled Propel. I go for those little packets you dump in your water. Perfect.

And finally, I re-introduced myself to my old school They Might be Giants album this weekend. Man, those bring back memories. Fantastic.

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