Work has actually

Work has actually given me stuff to do today. Amazing....

Granted, a lot of it is mindless busy work. This guy keeps coming to me to do graphic design stuff for the video department. It's monkey work, like "type this text as an overlay", which he could easily do. I guess it's not a huge deal, but it's getting me pissed off. I went to school to animate, and I got hired as an animator. I did not get hired as Mr. Typer for the video Dept. guy. Ah, but I digress.

So, I get this stuff typed up for him, then he gives me 2 images that I have to format for the TV screen. It's not hard, but the source materials sucked. They were too small and out of proportion for the TV, so I simply resized them, changed the colors, and showed them how bad they looked. I'm no miracle worker... you can't simply increase the resolution of an image at the touch of a button. So, I showed the Video guys how crappy it looked and they said they would give it to another person to work on. She did the EXACT SAME THING I did. Resize, change format, resave. According to them, hers looked a lot better. THEY WERE EXACTLY THE SAME. Damn I hate this place. The young guy gets treated like shit. Anyway....

When it rains, it pours I guess. I now have 3, count 'em, 3 projects on my plate. So, I'm working today. For real this time.

Tonight I'm going to start moving my junk into my new apartment. Mostly just kitchen stuff, but a start. I can't wait to move out. Less than a week now... 5 days in fact. 5 of the suckiest days of my life. I can make it.

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