work, money, and more work.

Things are turning around for me, financially speaking. That's a great thing. I checked my credit card statements and I'm not quite as in debt as I thought, although still very much in debt. This week I should have quite a bit of money coming in, and in 2 weeks I'll owe my programmer the last of his money. I should be just out of debt by the time my lease runs out, so I can move into a new place and start getting in debt again. I love my life sometimes.

In other news, I spent the weekend not going out and doing stuff, so I was able to make a cool little cartoon, something I haven't done in way too long. Polk, you'll love it. It's at under the "watch a cartoon" link. Enjoy.

Friday night we had a party here. It was fun. I was mostly sober, which is rare for our parties. I think it's because I was drinking hard alcohol most of the evening and I'm always more careful with hard stuff than with beer.

Well, back to work. I'm trying to pound out some of these project quickly so I can not worry about them (and get the money in a hurry).

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