Work yesterday sucked.

Work yesterday sucked.

I finally got an assignment that I thought I had some creative liberties with. "On opening" was my description. I made an opening that was loved by everyone in the office, and sent to the client. The client hated it, and I now have a 3 page document describing exactly what they're looking for. The consensus is that their version will suck, but I guess I don't care. I get paid either way, whether I create good things or things that look like my ass.

So, after work I went home to eat before my art class. I had more Frosted Flakes (still GRREEEEEAT!), then went off to class.

My class was awesome. I wasn't as on track as I was last time, but I was doing okay for myself. I hate my teacher though. Not because of her teaching, mind you, but because she tries to make jokes all the time that aren't funny. There's a new store in Peoria called "The Mattress Doctor", which, surprise surprise, fixes old mattresses. The radio commercial for them came on, and she felt inspired to yell and scream about how funny it was, and add sarcastic little tag lines to their commercial. The first wasn't completely uncreative. "Mattress Doctor. We make house calls". They went downhill after that, all the way to "Mattress Doctor. We decide whether or not your sore back is caused by your mattress". Yeah, it was bad.

She also really likes touching my back. I can do without that.

There's also one guy in there who spends the entire night kissing her ass. It's sickening, actually. He also does stupid things, like adjusting the lighting after we're 10 minutes into the pose. I mean, I don't have time to start over, ya know? He jokes right back to the teacher, and although he's slightly more clever, he's still not clever. During one of our breaks, he came over and flipped through my sketchbook, hit me really hard on the back, and yelled "Looks like I have some competition this time!" and walked away. I don't know what he meant, but I don't think I like it much.

Anyway, our model was Melissa again. Thank God. The old people all were talking during the breaks, so me and Melissa talked to each other. Before the class, we tried to make small talk with them, but it was a disgrace.

So, that was my class. I felt great after drawing, as per usual.

I went home, talked to Angie on the phone, drew a little more, tinkered on the computer, talked to Fabish, then went to bed. I had a very strange dream involving Molly that I think I'd much rather forget. In fact, all of my energy will now be devoted to forgetting the dream.

I don't have any big plans for the weekend. Tonight Angie and Becky are coming to my place to watch some movies and drink. Tomorrow I HAVE to get my laundry done. I just have to. But, if I get done early enough, I may go on a small road trip.

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