workin' man.

So, I got offered the job at the video production place, and I took it. I know nothing of my pay rate or other important details. My first day is Wednesday, and if he tells me anything less than $8, I'll politely decline the position. I mean, I'll be shooting an editing video... that seems like a job where I should get paid more than I make doing picture frames, right?

This is a part time gig, but I don't know the hours. I guess I should have asked more questions. I'll still work at the gallery and do freelance stuff on the side, so between all those things, I should be doing pretty okay financially speaking.

I should be happy to get a job that's at least sort of in my field, in Peoria, in hard economical times like these. And yet, I'm also disappointed and sad that I have to resort to this.

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