The world is

The world is lovely.

My court date was yesterday. I was called up more or less on time and went to the lawyer/judge/whatever guy to plead my case. It went sort of like this:

"So, you have a ticket for no insurance and not displaying your registration. Do you have proof of insurance?"
"Yeah, right here. But I don't have an excuse for not displaying the registration, so I'll just go ahead and plead guilty and pay that one."
"But your car is registered?"
"Do you have proof?"
"Yeah, right here."
"Okay. I'm gonna go ahead and let you off for both charges. Here's your license. Take it easy."

Nice. It restored my faith in the legal system. I came out and found a parking ticket on my car, but all I could think was "Well, I suppose that's fair."

It snowed again, and I sure do love the snow. Christmas shopping is done, and yet I still have a bit of extra money to pay off a chunk of my credit card bills. The world is lovely!

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