Worlds Colliding

For those of you who don't know, I'm a fan of old Loveline/Adam Carolla. As a geek, I'm also a fan of Leo Laporte, and was even interviewed by him back when I was internet-famous for that summer. I assumed these worlds would never collide, but thanks to the magic of the internet, they have.

Adam had his morning radio show canceled and rolled that right into a podcast. His podcast shot to the top of every podcast list in the universe, prompting him to appear on Leo Laporte's podcast since he is a pioneer in the industry.

It's really interesting to hear 2 people that I'm fans of, but are so totally different, have a discussion about podcasting. The whole thing has led into interesting discussions on each of their podcasts about the future of media and the internet's involvement. It's interesting stuff to say the least. In fact, years ago on my stupid LiveJournal I made the prediction that eventually traditional media would crumble and things like podcasting would take off. I think we're starting to see that. While Adam Carolla, even with all his fans, couldn't survive on traditional radio he can go online and be tremendously successful.

But the issue is even more widespread. Traditional phone lines are in danger because of VOIP phones. Cable TV is in danger because of IPTV and, yes, podcasts. With a connection to the internet, do we need satellite or terrestrial radio? I would argue not. Do we need traditional cable TV? I think watching TV with a new technology would be an adjustment, but overall it would be a big benefit to the consumer and the people producing the shows. The only people who lose out are the TV, radio, and movie studios. I won't lose any sleep over them.

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