The worst dog in the world.

As you loyal Live Journal readers know, I got a dog on Friday. She's a good, well behaved dog, except when I'm not there.

I put her in her kennel yesterday morning but ran home at lunch to walk her, since she had eaten a lot the night before but not gone to the bathroom. I walked in and Abby greeted me at the door. I thought Alan let her out, but he wasn't home. I checked her kennel, which she had torn apart from the inside out. I rebuilt it, tied up the loose parts and put her back in. I cleaned up all the little messes of hers I could find and went back to work.

I got home around 5, as per usual, and Abby greeted me at the door. Again. Her kennel was still in tact, so the only thing I can think of is that she squeezed out of a little hole. I was pissed.

Jaimee got here a little afterwards and we went out to eat, and of course, I put Abby in her kennel, tying up the openings even tighter than usual. We get back, and Abby is out. By this time she's puked and peed all over the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. etc. etc.

I rebuilt her kennel but did a better job than before, making sure everything is clasped properly, rather than the half-assed job we did before. I put her in her kennel in my unused bedroom, but the dog wouldn't stop whining and barking all night. Finally I gave up and put her kennel in my room. I've now locked her in her kennel and locked the kennel in my room, so if she's going to poop or pee anywhere, it will be in my room. In retrospect, maybe that wasn't a great idea.

But anyway, as mentioned a little earlier in my entry, Jaimee came down to visit last night. It was very last minute, but it all worked out and we had a good time. At least I did. We ate at El Somberito and watched Fargo, and she even got me a glass of milk when I asked her to. What a nice girl.

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