Wow with the

Wow, with the last entry creating such a stir, I guess I should always end on a strange and undecipherable note to make sure all my loyal readers are staying on their toes.

Anyone reading this, this is your official notice that you're invited to my New Year's Party. Or maybe New Years Party, since I'm not entirely sure if its plural or possessive, and grammar is hugely important to me,.

It starts at around 8:00ish, but feel free to show up slightly before or way after. Some alcohol and appetizers will be available, but if you're picky about what you eat and drink, its up to you to bring your own. If you need directions, call me. 360-9027 (I hear it's a wonderful idea to put your phone number on the internet!).

Well, I better wrap this up. I'm expecting a very important "phone call" if you know what I mean. Wink, nudge.

PS- I need a theme for January. Who wants to volunteer one?


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