Wow. Big day

Wow. Big day at work today.

It was mostly uneventful until around 4:00 when Kieth got back from a short meeting with some of the upper-ups at the company. He walked in, a bit stressed out compared to when he left, saying he wouldn't be working at the company anymore. I assumed that he and the management had a war of words and he decided to leave, but alas, he was let go.

Not because he was inept. Not because he made mistakes. Just because the company made some bad decisions and has been losing a lot of money and needed to let people go. 4 were fired today. 4. out of the 8 sales reps. And, somehow, I made the cut.

Why? I don't know. I had a short talk with Stephanie, the vice president who got me hired on, and it was basically a "invoice to invoice decision", which I guess means I got more sales, or at least a higher percentage of sales, than others.

So I'm still employed, but kind of disappointed about it in a strange, strange way. I kind of wish I was eligible for unemployment and able to spend more time hunting for a better job. Instead, I'm sure I'm in for longer hours, a more screwed up schedule, but hopefully more money. I'd love to work 10 hour days, 4 days a week. That would be awesome.

So that was my day. I know 2 of the people cut and I'm trying to figure out the last 2, just for curiousity's sake.

I'm still employed. I'm still here. But a part of me envies the people who are gone.

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