Ya know sometimes

Ya know, sometimes it seems like when I look back at my life from high school or even college, huge sections of it seem more like a movie than my real life. It's sort of like when I was alone in Chicago and miserable, I remember it, but I also kind of don't remember it. I remember feeling so lonely I wish I could die, but right now, I don't remember what it felt like. Does that even make sense? It's like watching a movie on TV and seeing someone crying. You know they're sad, but it doesn't hurt you like it hurts them.

A lot of the stories I tell about myself from years ago feel just like they happened yesterday. All the stories I tell about myself and my life are either happy or slightly embarassing. Which leads me to believe that my mind is a wonderous place where bad things are forgotten and good things are remembered, leaving me an uncanny ability to hold grudges for only a couple weeks, max, and usually not even 2 days. Sometimes a bad memory can be a blessing, and a selective memory can be an even bigger blessing.

The only bad is that I never seem to learn from my mistakes. The things that hurt me once will more than likely hurt me over and over and over. But I'm learning.

I guess the point is that some parts of this weekend were bad, but those feelings are fleeting and won't be around forever. The majority of the weekend was good, although a bit uneventful.

I'm very tired. I need to get adjusted to this new schedule.

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