Yesterday I took

Yesterday I took my lunch hour and used it to go to K-Mart and pick up a mini-air compressor for my leaky tire. Of course, now it doesn't need one. It hasn't lost any air since.

So anyway, after work I went straight to Brice's to drop off his keys I used to take care of his dog, then I went straight home. Fabish had the day off, so he happily greeted me. Me, him, and KJ went to dinner at Damon's, although we had to sit in the boring part since that's where his girlfriend was working. Ah well.

After that, Fabish and I finished watching Little Shop of Horrors, which was absolutely great. Fabish described perfectly, so I'll use his words. "It was like watching a high school play. Only worse." Jack Nicholson was in it a whopping 4 minutes, tops. The acting was terrible, the directing was worse.... I won't even get started on the writing. It was only 73 minutes, and only $7, so I can't say I felt too cheated by the movie.

I threw in Cast Away and we started to watch that, but I had to call it a night somewhere in the middle. I was really tired, and tonight I think I'll be going to Gorman's, so I had to rest up.

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