Yesterday I was

Yesterday I was walking Abby and I ran into Brett Lewis, one of 2 people I went to gradeschool AND high school with. Turns out he's living with 2 other guys I went to high school with, and the answer surprised me a bit. The people he lives with are 2 of the guys who have been popping up in my recent high school dreams (had another one last night, FYI), despite me never really talking to them when I went to school with them. Anyhoo, it was nice to see him again. I run into him about once a year at bars or parties or something.

Today I had to pay for lunch. That made my $10 into $5, then I spent another $4 on patches to repair my sad, sad pair of jeans. They're like 4 years old and falling apart. I've sewn up the crotch and the butt and the knees more than I thought was possible, and now they're getting to the point that after I sew them up, they rip immediately right above or below where I sew. So, today I bought some iron on patches to put on the inside to hopefully solve some of that. I ironed them on, and in the process burnt the knee. They are some sad looking pants. But the point of the story is that I now have exactly $1.

This weekend will be spent in St. Louis, visiting Amy with my dear friend Bryan J. Polk, esq. They know that I have no money and will do nothing but mooch, but they invited me anyway. I really should spend this weekend getting my page launched, but I've been working every weekend for quite some time and need a break to drink some beers and watch some movies and such.

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