Yesterday was a

Yesterday was a fun, boring day. I went up to Fabish's, hung out, smoked a cigar, watched some Comedy Central, and went to a Chinese Buffet. Good times. We're starting to turn into old men.. or, some would say, we're already there. When we hang out, we just sit outside on one of our porches, talk, and drink beer or smoke cigars.

Afterwards, I came home and watched part of Halloween 5 before falling asleep at 9:00.

This morning I went out near my parents' house to look at the wall for the mural I'm painting for the Trading Places thingie later this week. Then I came home to find 3, count 'em, 3 places that sound like they're hiring someone with my skills and experience. I applied online to all 3, but tomorrow will actually visit the places and drop off my resume personally. I'm not scared to come on strong when I'm this desperate.

On Saturday I went out with a whole slew of people. Angie, Carissa, Brynn, Fabish, Callahan, Fuller, Marie, Renee, Alan, and Drew. I was the driver, so I managed to go out from 9 PM to 3 AM and spend exactly $4, while eating a ton of free popcorn at Jimmy's. When you're broke, being the driver is the only way to go, I'll tell you what.

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