Yesterday was Alan's

Yesterday was Alan's birthday, so after work Angie and I went shopping for birthday presents. After that we picked up fried chicken and headed out to the airport for a delivery. I was ecstatic to see my boyfriend Dayv there, although depressed at his lack of mullet.

Later Jenny stopped by. We ate chicken and mashed potatoes and chatted a bit. And that was my night.

Fact: I don't know if you'd consider it obsessive compulsive, but it's close. I cannot change lanes in my car without doing an over the shoulder check. Even if I'm the only car on the road and I know no one is there, I can't bring myself to not look.

Memory: The reason for the above mentioned issue, I believe. I barely had my driver's license and was taking Fabish to a movie or something. I had just mentioned to him how I was getting really good at driving and knowing where other cars on the road were. A few seconds later I changed lanes, nearly causing an accident because I didn't notice the huge truck in the lane next to me. Ever since, I've been overly paranoid that I'm going to do it again.

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