Yesterday was a

Yesterday was a good day. Even though I didn't do anything to make myself any money, I still ended up being fairly productive. Today will be another one of those days where I don't have any projects to do for money, so I'll spend time fixing up my webpage, redoing my resume and business cards, and maybe even my demo reel if I get really ambitious.

Last night was Fuller's last night in town. He got hired on as an assistant manager at some fast food place so he transferred down to take it. It's not a great job and it doesn't pay well, but I'm so proud of the lad for getting out and doing something.

In any case, we ended up going to Gorman's. I had a nice time chatting with Angie and Fuller, which we haven't done for a long, long time. Fabish was there and we were being our goofy selves as per usual, and later in the evening I saw Dave McAtee, so I went and joined his table. I've seen him about 3 times since high school graduation. He's a lot like Fuller in some respects... really smart, really talented, but comes from kind of a fucked up background and because of that, has a hard time getting his act together. After high school graduation, he bought a $600 car and drove out to California and lived in that car for months. He describes that as the best time in his life. Interesting guy.

And today, starting right after lunch, I will be productive. I swear.

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