Yesterday at work

Yesterday at work Mullens called me and asked about my plans for that evening. I wasn't interested at in in going out with him, so that's what I told him. So, I went home, made my dinner, and was listening to the Pearl Jam CD of the concert I was at when Mullens called, again, asking what I was doing for dinner. I told him I was already eating, and didn't want to do anything but wash the dog that night. Still, he came by. He could tell I was pissed off and kept trying to identify the source. Finally I just said "Well, both you and Angie have made it pretty clear that sometimes even when there's problems that really concern us, we don't have to tell them to our best friends." He argued a little bit, but then I think he started to realize what I was talking about. I made underhanded comments like that all night, because I'm an immature brat who doesn't want to confront the problem directly quite yet.

We went to the local bar, and Angie stopped by for a couple of minutes. She also asked me what was wrong with me, and I gave my typical stupid answer that was amazingly appropriate... "Nothin'. What's wrong with YOU?"

I got home around 9 and washed my dog, who absolutely hated the experience.She wouldn't sit down, and she kept looking at me with these sad puppy dog eyes. Afterwards, she ran around the apartment shaking off the excess water while I chased her with a towel and tried to make sure she didn't shake off on my stereo equipment. I brushed her hair, but today it's much wavier and poofier than it was before. And it was pretty wavy and poofy before, too. She's quite the sight, I tell you.

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