You know it's

You know, it's weird. I've been around people who are making a big effort to lose weight, and it seems like that's all they can ever talk about. But now that I'm one of those people, I'm doing the same thing. And I annoy myself every time.

So, work at the gallery is going good so far. They keep asking me to work more hours, but I'm really reluctant. I'm scraping out a living and making ends meet between the gallery work and the Bruce/Sam CDs, believe it or not. I do have a good idea for my next project, but it will take time to complete and a bit of money, which I don't have to spare.

Some days I really miss working at Iona. I mean, I hated the work. I hated the people in charge. I hated the whole "corporate" atmosphere. And I especially hated being treated like a computer monkey than an artist, a creative person. Okay, yeah, I guess I was miserable at Iona. It was the worst job I've ever had and I'm glad I'm gone. But God damn, I loved those paychecks. I loved not having to save up for 3 weeks to go buy a DVD. I loved being able to pay my rent on the day it was due rather than pushing it as far as possible for my next pay check. Those days are coming again, I'm sure, but every so often I get extremely frustrated at myself for not being there yet. I mean, it's been over a year now. But anyway.

Today, I'm cleaning the apartment. I swear.

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